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Our research and analysis team provides a wide range of solutions that help in formulating implementable social media marketing strategies. Driven by robust methodologies and thought leadership, we help you save time and control costs while developing unique propositions for your business.


Our consulting, research and analysis teams provide custom solutions that are based on robust methodologies driven by thought leadership and subject matter expertise. From helping develop long term sustainable strategic frameworks, to guiding execution of social media marketing initiatives, clients benefit from our extensive portfolio of consulting services to gain competitive advantage. Our consulting services cover the following areas on social media:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Brand management
  • Innovative idea generation for campaigns
  • Consumer intelligence and behavioral insights
  • Competitor profiling and tracking
  • Vendor assessment and short listing
  • Market assessment
  • Commerce strategy

Research experts

Our in-house research consultants are supported by an extensive network of local market based strategic analysts, offering a unique combination of intelligence on global trends along with difficult to gather insights from local markets.

As an independent company, we offer unmatched detail and unbiased intelligence on social media marketing. With over 300,000 data points and unique insights from a team of global analysts, we help clients in 14 industries to identify growth opportunities, focus on product innovation, and formulate effective social media marketing strategies across 25 countries. Our global team of consultants assimilate information from multiple databases and analyst reports to offer strategic insights that directly impacts revenue and margins. 

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