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Data, insights, and opinion on social media marketing

Socintel360's reports offer extensive data, insights and opinion on changing dynamics of social media marketing, enabling marketers formulate successful strategies and deliver strong ROI. We combine best practices, emerging business models, consumer insights, and market innovation to help our clients identify unique opportunities.

Measuring Benefits & ROI from Social Media Marketing Initiatives: Best Practice Series
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Convergence of mobile and social media is enabling food and beverage companies to capitalize on new opportunities to strengthen brand image and gain market share. This unique social-mobile combination is allowing marketers to understand consumer behavior and target them in a personalized manner. There is an increased focus on running integrated campaigns across platforms and advertising channels with social media and mobile becoming core elements. Social media mobile marketing is fundamentally reshaping operational structure along with strategic focus of food & Beverage companies. This channel is creating impact beyond marketing, driving strategies related to product innovation, supply chain management, and operational efficiency to gain competitive advantage.
However, executing a strategy that combines different channels and segments is indeed challenging. To be successful food & Beverage marketers need to invest in the right areas and execute marketing initiatives well. This report provides insights into social media mobile marketing best practices adopted by food & Beverage industry in the US. It enables brands to benchmark their market position within the industry along with a broad comparison with other industries. Insights from this report are primarily based on survey results, which has been structured around a proprietary analytical framework. This framework derives best practices across five key pillars and 20 sub-pillars, covering in-depth analysis on more than 85 strategic issues in social media mobile marketing. The five key pillars include the following:

• Pillar 1: Strategic Imperatives
• Pillar 2: Budget Allocation Strategies
• Pillar 3: Operational Strategies
• Pillar 4: Targeting Strategies & Innovations
• Pillar 5: Benefits & ROI

The output of framework is driven by a combination of secondary and primary research, which includes senior management from across industries and external subject matter experts. Based on a scoring mechanism to identify best practices or strategies which are helping marketers to derive higher ROI, the survey result is split into three categories of market players   Leaders ,  Followers , and  Laggards .


Key modules of the report include the following:
• Best Practice Analysis Framework: This module (Chapter 2) explains the best practice framework used to evaluate social media mobile marketing effectiveness along with scoring methodology.
• Analysis and Opinion on Best Practices in Social Media Mobile Marketing: This module (Chapter 3) provides scorecard analysis and benchmarking industries across five pillars and 24 sub-pillars, which offers in-depth analysis on best practices in social media mobile marketing.
• Benefits & ROI: This module (Chapter 4) evaluates mechanism for measuring and establishing ROI across business functions. It provides insights into best practices related to ROI, covering the following key aspects of social media mobile marketing  measuring ROI, impact analysis, benefits by business divisions / functions, and technology.


This report provides detailed information, insights and opinion on social media mobile strategies adopted by leading brands. It specifically focuses on social media mobile marketing with contextualization with broader social media marketing. Below is an overview covering scope of this report:

Market Focus: Global

Industry Focus: All Industries

Data & Analysis: This report provides extensive analysis of the best practices in implementing social media mobile advertising. Below is a summary of key points:

• It provides survey data (current trend and forecast till 2018) across 12 key issues, splitting responses in 3 categories   Leaders ,  Followers , and  Laggards
• It provides insights into best practices across key steps in developing and implementing social media mobile marketing by leading brands
• It provides case examples of social media strategies along with innovative social media mobile advertising campaigns

Key Questions Answered

This report answers the following key questions:
• How marketers can formulate holistic social media mobile marketing strategies?
• How does the organization measure and generate returns / benefits?
­ Measuring ROI  What are the mechanisms for measuring returns from social media mobile marketing?
­ Impact Assessment  How has social media mobile initiative impacted the company? Does it have a value proposition beyond marketing?
­ Benefits by Functions  What are the benefits derived by various divisions such as sales, logistics, human resource and product innovation?

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