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Data, insights, and opinion on social media marketing

Socintel360's reports offer extensive data, insights and opinion on changing dynamics of social media marketing, enabling marketers formulate successful strategies and deliver strong ROI. We combine best practices, emerging business models, consumer insights, and market innovation to help our clients identify unique opportunities.

Social Gaming Advertising Strategies and Innovations
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Spend on social mobile gaming advertising continues to fuel impressive growth with marketers focusing on personalization to retain consumers and drive revenues. In addition, shift from desktop to mobile advertising has added new dimensions to the nascent stage of social media mobile advertising. A number of new players have emerged which includes both start-ups and established players, which is driving innovation and fundamentally reshaping the brand-consumer communication. As such a combination of mobile and social media has put forward a strong value proposition for marketers to target niche consumer segments.


Key modules of the report include the following:

• Market Dynamics: Chapter 3 discusses the dynamics of mobile marketing, and outlines the value proposition put forward by the platform. If further highlights emerging technological trends in the social gaming marketing landscape.

• Advertising Spend Strategy: This module (Chapter 4) details advertising budget allocation by industries. It provides insights into top level social mobile gaming advertising spend.

• Advertising Strategies: This module (Chapter 5) covers the gap between consumers and brands in terms of expectations delivery of social gaming strategies.

• Market Innovation: This module (Chapter 6) provides covers market innovation by marketing objectives and shows actual implementation of social mobile gaming advertising strategies.

• Case Examples: In Chapter 7, the report provides case examples of major brands and their and their marketing initiatives according to marketing objectives, namely, brand building, product launch and lead innovation and sales. Additionally, the report also highlights cases in which brands were failed to capitalize on the gaming platform to achieve their marketing objectives.

• Economic and Market Drivers: Chapter 8 highlights key dynamics in the technology, business and consumer environment which impact the social media mobile market.

Key Questions Answered

This report answers the following key questions:

• What are the key trends in the social media mobile gaming market space?

• Why social media mobile gaming marketing is critical for brands?

• How is consumer behavior changing in the presence of mobile gaming applications? What are its implications for brands

• What are the best practices in budget allocation and how much budget you should allocate on social media mobile gaming advertising?

• How consumers use of social and mobile is expected to influence advertising spending?

• How social media mobile gaming advertising is expected to evolve in future?

• How are leading brands adopting social media and mobile gaming application in organizations?

• What strategies have social media networks and platforms undertaken to facilitate brands reaching out to consumers

Table of Contents

1. About this Report
1.1. About Socintel360
1.2. Summary
1.3. Scope
1.4. Methodology
1.5. Definitions
1.6. Disclaimer
2. Executive Summary
3. Dynamics of Social Media Based Mobile Marketing
3.1. Channel Dynamics  Desktop vs. Mobile
3.2. Social Media Mobile Marketing Value Proposition for Food & Beverage Brands
3.3. Emerging Technology and Marketing Investment Avenues for Food & Beverage Marketers
4. Analysis of Social Mobile Gaming Advertising Spend
4.1. Advertising Spend Analysis by Food & Beverage Brands
4.2. Spend Analysis through Gaming
5. Social mobile gaming advertising and Targeting Strategies in Food & Beverage Industry
5.1. Gap Analysis: Consumer Behavior vs. Food and Beverage Brands Social Media Strategy
5.2. Gaming Advertising
6. Innovation in Social Media Mobile Advertising
6.1. Brand Building
6.2. Product Launch
6.3. Lead Generation and Sales
7. Case Examples: Best Practices Analysis
7.1. Brand Building
7.2. Case Study  Snapple US: Re-enFACTment Campaign  2013
7.3. Case Study  Coors Light: NASCAR App  2013
7.4. Case Study  Post Cereal US: Cocoa Pebbles vs. Fruity Pebbles  2013
7.5. Case Study  General Mills Wheaties US: Augmented Reality based Interactive Packaging  2013
7.6. Case Study  Perrier France: Secret Place  2013
7.7. Lead Generation & Sales
7.8. Case Study  Frito Lay s Cheetos US: Cheetahpult  2013
7.9. Case Study  Kernel Season US: Trailer Trivia game  2014
8. Macroeconomic, Business, and Consumer Trends and Drivers
8.1. Macroeconomic Fundamentals and Industry Growth Dynamics
8.2. Consumer Insights
8.3. Internet & Technology Adoption
8.4. Devices & Platforms
8.5. Mobile Commerce
8.6. Advertising Spend Dynamics


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Number Of Pages : 60

Published Date : 31-Oct-2017

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