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Data, insights, and opinion on social media marketing

Socintel360's reports offer extensive data, insights and opinion on changing dynamics of social media marketing, enabling marketers formulate successful strategies and deliver strong ROI. We combine best practices, emerging business models, consumer insights, and market innovation to help our clients identify unique opportunities.

Social Media and Augmented Reality Based Marketing Strategies and Innovations
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Augmented Reality (AR) has seen significant adoption by marketers in recent quarters, which is promising to drive the next wave of innovation. Increasingly marketers are focusing on using AR with social media to engage consumers and increase effectiveness of the campaign. AR has moved ahead of brand building initiatives and started making inroads into sales and commerce as well, significantly boosting value proposition for marketers. Consequently, investment on AR campaigns has been increasing and Socintel360 s survey indicates that this trend is expected to continue over the next five years with brands focusing on innovation to differentiate.


This report provides detailed analysis of social media based Augmented Reality campaigns, opportunities, trends, drivers, risks, and innovation. Socintel360 capitalizes on its robust methodology and local market expertise to derive unique insights into social media and Augmented Reality dynamics.

• Value Proposition: This report provides insights into value proposition of social media and Augmented Reality based advertising initiatives. It provides an overview of market dynamics and detailed analysis of compelling factors, which are driving marketers increase spend on social media and Augmented Reality advertising.

• Budget Allocation: This report details budget allocation for social media and Augmented Reality based advertising, providing breakdown by industry. It also provides insights from key emerging markets, establishing adoption of Augmented Reality and perceived benefit from the technology.

• Advertising & Targeting Strategies: This report covers social media and Augmented Reality based campaign strategies adopted by leading players to gain market share.

• Social Commerce: This report provides insights into how Augmented Reality is being used to drive social commerce initiatives.

• Market Innovation: This report provides detailed case examples, covering market innovation by marketing objectives and shows actual implementation of social media based Augmented reality advertising strategies.

Key Questions Answered

This report answers the following key questions:

• Why advertising combining social media with Augmented Reality is critical for marketers?

• How budget allocation towards Augmented Reality campaigns is expected to change in 2014 and over the next five years?

• How is consumers use of social and mobile influencing advertising spent on Augmented Reality?

• How marketers in emerging markets such as India, China and Brazil perceive Augmented Reality?

• Which Augmented Reality advertising strategies work best to create brand awareness, drive sales and launch new products?

• How is the mobile proposition of social media platforms shaping up and what it means for marketers to drive Augmented Reality based campaigns?

Table of Contents

1. About this Report
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Scope
1.3. Methodology
1.4. Definitions
1.5. Disclaimer
2. Executive Summary
3. Value Proposition of Augmented Reality
3.1. Augmented Reality s Value Proposition
3.2. Social Media and Augmented Reality  Powerful Combination
3.3. Key Drivers
4. Budget Allocation Towards Augmented Reality
4.1. Budget Allocation Overview, 2014-2018
4.2. Analysis by Industry, 2014-2018
4.3. Insights from Emerging Markets
5. Advertising & Targeting Strategies
5.1. Marketing Objectives Driving Augmented Reality
5.2. Gap Analysis  Consumer Preference vs. Targeting Strategy
5.3. Key Trends and Drivers
6. Social Commerce Strategy Using Augmented Reality
7. Augmented Reality Campaign Case Studies


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Published Date : 31-Oct-2017

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