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Data, insights, and opinion on social media marketing

Socintel360's reports offer extensive data, insights and opinion on changing dynamics of social media marketing, enabling marketers formulate successful strategies and deliver strong ROI. We combine best practices, emerging business models, consumer insights, and market innovation to help our clients identify unique opportunities.

Social Media Consumer Trends in China
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Companies and marketing firms across the world require a multidimensional understanding of consumer lifestyles and behavior. This is essential for firms with multinational operations to help them take informed business decisions regarding products and services and to build their social media initiatives. Socintel360 s  consumer insight offering - SocialTrack360, is a comprehensive solution for companies looking for unique insights on social media usage behavior from across more than 10 countries. The SocialTrack360 series of reports provide analysis at a country level, offering key insights on how the local consumer landscape is evolving. Our actionable consumer insight analysis helps companies identify current and evolving consumer behavior trends and facilitates informed decision making. SocialTrack360 evaluates over 100+ indicators on social media for each of the 10 countries it covers.
Consumer behavior in the context of social media is evolving even for the developed markets. Companies are also beginning to link this channel to their overall marketing strategy. Executing social media initiatives that combine different marketing channels and consumer segments is challenging but if executed well, they can provide companies with direct access to a very loyal and easy to target consumer base.

This report from Socintel360 enable marketers to leverage in-depth intelligence on evolving consumer habits and trends to understand and predict changes in consumer behavior. SociaTrack360 reports include inputs from Socintel360 s Global Consumer Trends survey that provides critical data for assessing potential business opportunities.


nalysis is backed by comprehensive data from consumer surveys, covering a series of consumer behavior indicators. The report also identifies the most important trends within each market and helps marketers validate drivers of consumer behavior within different categories. The key highlights of the report are: -
• Industry Trends - Analysis of growth sectors and factors driving change  the developments of new concepts and economic/lifestyle influences. Comprehensive coverage, providing insights across a series of market indicators that enables marketers to evaluate and understand key consumer trends and their impact on the social media landscape.
• Best Practices - A selection of meticulously chosen case studies reflecting best practices and strategies companies can adopt to build an effective social media strategy.


This report provides detailed information, insights and opinion on consumer trends in the context of social media in the US. Below is an overview of the scope of this report:

• Market Focus: China
• Industry Focus: CPG  Consumer Packaged Goods
• Sectors covered  Food & Beverages, Personal Care, Household
• Data & Analysis: This report provides extensive analysis of industry and consumer trends, including best practices for implementing social media strategy in China.

Key Questions Answered

This report answers several key questions that are critical for marketers looking to formulate winning social media strategies in China.

• Operational - How can CPG marketers formulate social media strategies to gain maximum benefits?
• Consumer Behavior Analysis  What are the key consumer trends (existing and emerging) that will impact the social commerce market and how companies can leverage these trends to maximize benefits?
• Best Practices  How are companies are implementing social media strategy to create maximum positive impact? What are some of the social media initiatives that have been successful? (Includes case studies across the consumer value chain and industry sectors)

Table of Contents

1 About Socintel360
2 Socialtrack360 Methodology and Consumer Framework
2.1. Data Collection
2.2. Consumer Archetype
2.3. Analysis
3 Executive Summary
4 Introduction - Understanding Social Media consumer is Crucial to Long Term Brand Success
5 Market Insight
5.1. Social Media Advertising Spend - Overall and CPG Industry
5.2. Social Media Advertising spend -CPG Category Analysis
5.3. Social Media Demographic Analysis
5.4. Social Media Platform Analysis
6 Appendix


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Published Date : 31-Oct-2014

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